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What's going on? Empty What's going on?

Post by Frogs on Thu May 16, 2013 10:19 am

Dear visitors,

This is a friendship site where members are encouraged to share their interests with others and chat real time if they need. Some members have blogs going and some just contribute in other ways. We refrain from hate here in our commenting as there is enough negativity in the world without allowing more to be created here.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a secret board for another website this purely a site for friends who share interests and chat from time to time.

When viewing as a guest you DO NOT see some members blogs. Other things not available
on a guest account is the real time chat.

The Games are open to guest as well as a members blog to read as this was their choice. Guest are able to post in Visitors blog and Donuts blogs also (This includes voting on polls).

New features coming soon: Wellbeing Blog, Share recipes, education and What's that you say?

This site has a growing membership base and the site welcomes new interest and members.

Alot of the members currently have interest in actors, food, books, education and wellbeing. The Kitchen welcomes new topics as well.

Thank you

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